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Slab Lifting by injecting structural polyurethane foam into voids beneath settling or uneven concrete slabs is a proven method to stabilize without excavation and without adding much weight. Slabs can be lifted to their original position utilizing the SealBoss SlabLifter system and products. This process of slab jacking is alo known as foam jacking, polyurethane concrete raising, poly jacking, poly leveling. Compared to the other methods of mud jacking, using chemical grouting offers many advantages.

Foam jacking is used in industrial and residential markets. Foam jacking is the cleanest concrete lifting and stabilization process. Drilling is clean and fast due to the small hole size. Foam jacking is the quietest and fastest process for stabilizing and raising settled concrete slabs. Lightweight material reduces the overburden on underlying soils, reducing the chances for resettlement. High density polyurethane is waterproof, so treated slabs are thoroughly undersealed.

Advantages of chemical grouting for slab lifting and stabilization:

- Quick and easy process with minimum mess and inconvenience
- Minimal invasive, small holes to inject product
- Less disruptive
- Less time and costLow unit weight, easy to transport to jobsite
- Stabilizes base and strengthens slab Combine with subgrade soil stabilization for permanent results
- Erosion control
- Cheaper than replacement
- Based on scope work can be done in hours/days
- Quick set time

Slab Lifting, Poly Jacking Foams

Slab Lifting Pumps and Starter Kits


The SealBoss ® GT 2C Cart System (pic left) is an affordable, portable for new and experienced contratcors. The entire system can easily fit in the back of a pickup truck. The set up is simple and requires minimal equipment. Available with Generator/ Air Compressor Combo.
The SealBoss ® P3003 Portable System (pic right) is a low cost, extremely portable small job system for low volume injection for slab support with minimal or no lifting requirements. The SealBoss ® P3003 Portable System in use at a wholesale warehouse to stabilze the concrete slab. Here shown in combination with the SealBoss QuickFix 6060 Floor Spall Repair and 6500 Joint Filler System.


lances DeepSoil Lift TM   

SealBoss ® Deep Soil Densification Injection System
lances When Slab Lifting is not enough:

DeepSoil Lift ( is a polyurethane foam injection system utilizing a spezialized pump and injection lance setup to reach below grade pockets of unstable soil up to a depth of 30 feet (10 meters) with the purpose of densification and compaction.

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