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Experience & Support

- SealBoss Track Record And International Experience since 1988

- International Sales And Support Team Just For You

  A knowledgable, experienced, and highly trained team for our international customers
  provides immediate and responsive product and sales support via e-mail, phone and
  VoIP. We travel to all continents: Representative visitation for qualified distribution
  partners offering training and on-site support.

- International lead generation system providing relevant and qualified prospects
- Immediate industry leading responsiveness: instant email and phone / VoIP support for
   international partners
- Online training, specifications, data sheets, MSDS, and more
Product Line - Join the more than 50 countries currently offering SealBoss products
- Increase your product offering by offering advanced concrete repair solutions
- Distinguish yourself with specialized concrete repair brand
- Offer full SealBoss branded system solutions including chemicals, dispensing 
  equipment, and accessories
- Actively seeking reputable and competent specialty construction product distributors for    potential partnerships!
Logistics - Highly trained SealBoss sales team with significant international shipping experience
- Worldwide broker and competitive shipping accounts in place
- Import/Export specialists handling each order

Polyurethanes - Hydrophobic and hydrophilic
- NSF/ANSI 61 potable drinking water approved products
- Semi-Flex, flexible, and rigid grades available
- Ultra low viscosity grades for hairline cracks
- Waterproofing, void filling, and soil stabalization applications
- Full line of pumps and dispensing accessories
- 2-Part Structural epoxy resins
- Industrial grade suitable for foundations and bridges
- Ultra low viscosity grades for hairline cracks
- Available in cartridge and bulk systems
- Epoxy paste for sealing applications and resins for injection
- NSF/ANSI 61 potable drinking water approved products
- Full line of pumps and dispensing accessories


- QuickFix product line for time
- Flexible grade for joint sealing
- Rigid grade for crack repairs
- Non-sag grade for vertical applications
- Available in cartridges and bulk systems
- Full line of pumps and dispensing accessories

  JointMaster Pro2


Pumps & Dispensing      

- High pressure polyurethane injection pumps
- Low pressure epoxy injection pumps
- Polyacrylate gel pump
- Dual component joint filling pump
- Full line of single and dual cartridge hand tools
- Spare part and technical support
  sealboss packers  

Packers, Ports,


- Industry leading mechanical packer selection
- All Commercial Sizes
- Custom packers available
- Plastic surface and corner ports for epoxy injection
- All connectors, tubing, hosing, and valves stocked
  sealboss products


Stocking Products

- Polyurethane Grouts
       1510 1570 1570lv Hydrophobic
       FlexGel Hydrophilic

- Epoxies
       4000 Line jection Resins
       4500QS Sealing Pastes
                   All available in bulk and cartridge

- Polyureas
       6060 Quickfix Rigid Crack Repair Line
       6500 Quickfix Flexible Joint Sealer Line
                   All available in bulk and cartridge

- Pumps and Dispensing Equipment
      Polyurethane Pumps
      Epoxy Pumps 
      JointMaster Pro2 G3i Polyurea Pumps
      SealBoss 2:1 and 1:1 hand tools for cartridges


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epoxy pump polyurea pump injection crack repair

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