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  February 2018 - SealBoss ® Announcement

  SlabLifter TM   Foams, Pumps, Systems

DeepSoil Lift TM    
   SealBoss ® Deep Soil Lift & Densification Injection System

Slab Lifting by injecting structural polyurethane foam into voids beneath settling or uneven concrete slabs is a proven method to stabilize without excavation and without adding much weight. Slabs can be lifted to their original position utilizing the SealBoss SlabLifter system and products. This process of slab jacking is alo known as foam jacking, polyurethane concrete raising, poly jacking, poly leveling. Compared to the other methods of mud jacking, using chemical grouting offers many advantages.
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JointMaster Pro 2
  February 2018 - SealBoss ® Team

SealBoss Corp.

Anniversary: 30 Years SealBoss Corp.

It is with greatest respect and gratitude that we thank our customers and partners worldwide for their loyalty and continued business. It has been a privilege and pleasure for the SealBoss Team to serve you over the past thirty years.

It all began in 1988 in the Bay Area, when our first customer placed his first order investing over $15,000.00 of his hard earned dollars in a new brand now known as SealBoss ®. This was the beginning of a dependable and truly fantastic partnership, strong and alive to this day.
Thank you!

In our 31st year we are more dynamic and broadly diversified in our product lines, equipment and accessories than ever before. Mr. Paul Schencking has been in charge of SealBoss Corp. during the past three decades and he now celebrates his personal 40th year of industry related experience.

As SealBoss Corp. continues to innovate and grow, it is all made possible by our customers, partners and the many people working in this highly specialized and technical industry around the globe.


  January 2018 - SealBoss ® Technical Team


Focus: Floor Joint Repair System - Pumps

Are you in the market for a new floor joint repair pump? They go by many names: floor joint pump, polyurea pump, floor epoxy pump, polyurethane floor pump, etc. While what they are called or marketed as is not significant, it is essential to know that they are NOT all the same.

Prior to purchase you may want to consider doing some research on a few key details: Function, Design, Quality, Safety, and Cost.

  • Function – is the machine capable of pumping all of the materials that you want to use reliably? Check data sheets, SDS and consult with the technician.
  • Design - does the pump have an overall professional, clean and sturdy design? Are there nuts and bolts sticking out, unwieldy weld seams? Does it look like it was made in a garage from scraps, or does it have a commercially manufactured quality appeal to it? When stepping on to any project you want both you and your customer to feel confident that you have the right tool for the job.
  • Quality - is this pump sturdy enough to sustain daily use and abuse? Does the manufacturer provide the pump options that you need to do you job the right way, (battery option, CE rated motor, heater bands, etc.)? Also, take a close look at the pump units pumping your product. They are very important! Do they allow for higher spike backpressure without leaking? Pump leakage is a major concern which can prove costly.
  • Safety - is it safe for the technician to run this machine? Are moving parts sufficiently protected? Does the full current voltage and amperage run through the applicator wand which can present a shock hazard? It should be a low voltage control line to the applicator wand connected to the electronic control box only, (btw a SealBoss standard).
  • Price - Does the pump offer good value-for-money? Does the system, the overall design and modular components provide longevity and permit long-term maintenance?
  • Consider the industry-standard Sealboss JointMaster Pro 2 floor joint product dispensing pump. A professional third generation machine with improved components based on customer feedback and job-site experience. Over ten years of development. Sold world-wide.

Let us show you how to maximize your investments and applications with SealBoss ® products. We empower you in your business with pride. For additional questions, pricing or assistance please contact us directly at 714-662-4445.

JointMaster Pro 2

JointMaster Pro 2

  January 2018 - SealBoss ® Sales Team

Thanks for visiting us at the World of Concrete

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.  We appreciate your interest in our equipment such as the industrial standard setting JointMaster Pro 2 Floor Joint Machine, the SealBoss Signature Line Injection / SlabLifting pumps and the two component epoxy injection machines.

We also appreciate all the interest in our product lines including Waterproofing, Geotech and Floor Repair.
Our representatives will contact you in a timely fashion with any support you may need. Let us show you how to maximize your investments and applications with SealBoss products.  We empower you in your business with pride.  In the interim, please contact us directly at 714-662-4445.

epoxy pump polyurea pump injection crack repair

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