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Super Flexible, yet dramatically resistent coating for damaged concrete, crack bridgeing, concrete floors, wood decks, metal surfaces

- Solvent Free, Non-Gassing
- Apply at ANY Thickness
- Excellent Thermal Stability
  & Chemical Resistance
- Low Temperature Flexibility
- Interior / Exterior Applications

Coatings, Specialty Coatings, Polyurethane Coatings, Heavy Duty Coatings, Flexible Coatings


- Sundecks, Balconies, Roofs
- Stalls, Wash Racks, Kennel Runs
- Pedestrian Traffic Surfaces
- Industrial Floors, Mechanical Rooms
- Flexcast: Floor Joints and Cracks


SealBoss FlexCoat is a high tech polyurethane coating combining excellent strength with outstanding flexibility.The solvent free formula product can be mixed with fillers for extra thickness and to lower the cost per unit. The material isspread to achieve a self-leveling and fast curing waterproofing base membrane or to fill joints, voids and cracks. Selected rubber texture granules and/or sand may be broadcast on the not yet completely cured surface. A final seal coat of moisturecured aliphatic or aromatic urethane color coat is applied.

FlexCoat is designed for rapidly applied and fast cure installations over prepared surfaces. The product can be usedas a specialty membrane but also offers significant void and joint filling capabilities with extreme elongation properties .The unique acceptance of the product to additives such as sand and quartz fillers combined with fast cure features allowfor installations of any desired thickness under a wide range of weather conditions. FlexCoatt is designed to createseamless, flexible, durable, slip resistant, decorative, protective and highly waterproof membranes on exterior pedestriantraffic surfaces such as balconies, walkways, patios, stairways, sidewalks, etc.; interior surfaces such as mechanical roomfloors, work areas, shower pans and stalls, display floors, etc.; on boat and ship decks made of metal, wood and fiberglass; vehicular traffic areas such as rooftop parking decks and ramps made of concrete or asphalt, etc.; exterior wooden and concrete sun deck areas such as pool surrounds, ski lodge sun-decks, rooftop play areas, etc.; equestrian and animal habitats such as stalls, wash racks, kennel runs hot-walkers, etc.; athletic surfaces etc. FlexCoat can be used to seal, fill and cast into cracks, voids, joints and control joints. It can be applied as a mortar to level out imperfections in surfaces at various thicknesses.

General Information
FlexCoat is a two-component, liquid applied, polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing base membrane. Flexcoat may not be diluted under any circumstances. Surfaces to be coated must be dry, clean, free of foreign matter, and generally should be primed with our PU or epoxy primer.
Shelf Life: Six months at 75F (24C) in sealed, unopened containers.
Packaging: Flexcoat is available in four gallon A and one gallon B containers. The A container is of 5 gal volume to
accept the B side for mixing purposes. Primers are available in 1 or 5 gallon containers. Rubber
granules are available in 50 pound bags.

Preparation of Substrates
All Surfaces must meet all applicable building and safety codes in the prescribed city, county or state. Substrate must be structurally sound and sloped for proper drainage. We assume no liability for substrate defects! Successful bonding requires structurally sound, strong, and clean substrates. The substrate must be cleaned to ensurethat it is free of all oils, “laitances”, greases and other contaminations. Adhesives, sealing membranes, etc., should not be applied until the surface is dry. FlexCoat permits more movement with moving cracks and joints.

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