Epoxy Injection Pumps. 
PA 3000 Professional Epoxy Injection Machine PA 3000 Maintenance
SealBoss ®
PA 3000 Epoxy Injection Machine

Professional 2 Component Pneumatic Epoxy Injection Pump

Affordable Heavy Duty Epoxy Injection Machine For Every Day Use

Advanced Design Features

- 800 PSI
- 2:1 or 1:1 Mix Ratios
- 3" Air Cylinder
- Positive Displacement Piston
- Pressure Lines Included
- Compact and Lightweight
- Rugged Construction
- Very Affordable
- Easy To Use / Clean
- Reliable, Proven Design

Metering Pump Specifications

Standard Ratios 1:1 or 2:1
Material Flow Rate Approx. 0.4 GPM
Dimensions 14" x 22" x 29" high
Weight 60lb.
Tank Capacities 3 1/3 gal ea.
Material Viscosity Pourable
Outlet Pressure 15 - 800 psi
Air Requirements 1CFM 40 -120psi

The SealBoss ® PA 3000 Epoxy Injection Machine combines high quality with a very competitive price.

The SealBoss ® PA 3000 Epoxy Pump sets new standards for performance and features. This complete package includes material reservoirs, the applicator with static mixer and a 20' set of high pressure hoses. The machine is furnished with male hose adapters and push-in tube connectors for the pneumatic lines. Hoses are available in a variety of sizes. We also supply surface ports in several sizes and split sets for multi port injection. Please refer to our data sheet on Multiple Port Injection System for further information.

This injection pump can be used for most of the SealBoss ® epoxy injection line products with viscosities between 10 and 1000 cps. Contact your SealBoss ® Technician to confirm that your product is suitable for use with this machine.

The PA 3000 Epoxy Injection Machine has been refined and improved over many years for highest reliability and daily use. The pump features a three inch air cylinder for pressures up to 800 psi. The higher injection pressures allow for better performance with thicker resins and with all materials at lower temperatures.
The tanks are unitized and mounted on four easy roll caster wheels with breaks. The machine is very mobile. The pump is available in 2:1 or 1:1 mixing ratio versions. With purchase of a separate piston/cylinder unit mixing ratios can be easily interchanged.


Epoxy Pump SealBoss
P3003-2C Epoxy Injection Pump P3003-2C Epoxy Injection Pump - Pressure Ratio Test

SealBoss ®
P3003 2C

Professional 2 Component Drill Operated Epoxy Injection Pump

Extremely affordable and light weight, this is Injection Pump can be used every day. Compare the features and our price and you will like the big savings.

- Very affordable two component pump system
- Coverts to 1:1 and 2:1 ratios
- Can be used as 1 Component System
- Compact & Sturdy Design
- Heavy duty for daily use
- Lightweight
- > 5000 PSI
- Easy to use, clean & maintain
- Pressure gauges
- Hoppers included
- Hose Set (mechanical packer version) included

The SealBoss ® P3003-2C Two Component Injection Pump features a compact and sturdy design with integrated hoppers and stand.

This lightweight and powerful injection pump can be used for dual component epoxy and/or polyurethane injection resin with viscosities between 10 and 1000 cps. Call your SealBoss ® technician for details. Please specify 2:1 or 1:1 ratio. Conversion cylinders sold separately.

Suitable for mid-size jobs and daily use this is the perfect machine for epoxy and waterproofing contractors performing commercial work and residential injection. With this pump it is a snap to get in and out of basements and confined areas as found on many job sites.

This pump is of professional grade quality for every day use. The output and pressure are exceptional for a machine of this size. The modular design keeps maintenance cost low and allows for easy cleaning.

Parts can be replaced by the savvy contractor to keep downtime at an absolute minimum.

This pump is powered by an electric drill which is sold separately by SealBoss ®. The drill offers a variable speed adjustment to adjust material volume and pressure.

Contact your SealBoss Technician to confirm that your product can is suitable for use with this machine.

The pump can be used with our line of injection packers and ports.

Special SealBoss ® applicators are available for polyurethane / mechanical packer and epoxy / two-component surface port injection can be ordered separately. Ask your SealBoss ® technician for details.
North America: Standard variable speed electric drill 110V sold separately.

International Orders: Special order variable speed electric drill 220V (lead time and cost subject to availability at time of order) or voltage converter available on request. Please consult with your SealBoss ® Technician.

Technical Data:

Mix Ratio : 1:1
Max. pressure : > 5000 psi
Flowrate : 30ml to 1000ml per min (1 quart/min)
Weight : 12 kg / 27 lbs

Electric Drill, adaptors/fittings and packers sold separately.
Please ask your SealBoss ® technician for suitable injection grouts.
Viscosity range 10-1000 cps.
1:1 and 2:2 mix ratios with exchange of piston


Welcome to the Latest Design in Joint Filling.

The JointMaster Pro2 Gen3i Digital Professional Floor Joint Filler Machine.

For Polyurea, Polyurethane & Epoxy Joint Filler Products.


We Listened.

Implementing Over 10 Years of Experience and Customer Feedback into our New Machine
• Versatility
• Pumps
• Digital
• Safety
• Motor
• Drive
• Frame
• Quality
• Stainless
• Custom
The New JointMaster Pro2 Gen3i is Designed for a Wide Variety of Joint Filler Products
New Industrial Grade Pump Units Compatible with Wide Range of Products and Viscosities
Programmable Digital Motor Control with Display for Consistent Product Flow & Higher Output
Low Voltage Signal Line to Applicator
New CE Rated Energy Efficient Motor - Run Much Longer on Battery!
Fully Enclosed, Reduced Friction 3 Shaft Drive, Energy Saving Design
Small Footprint Design, Sleek Fit & Finish, Easy Handling, Strong Frame
Very High Build Quality, Looks Sharp and Professional on the Jobsite, Enhances Your Company's Image
Stainless Steel Tanks Standard, other Options Available
Custom Equipped - Tank Volume, Battery Options, Applicator Options, International Versions, 110V, 220V, 50-60Hz
New: JointMaster Pro 2 G3i Joint Filler Machine Applicator For JointMaster Pro 2 G3i Joint Filler Machine

JointMaster Pro 2 G3i Digital Joint Filler Pump

International custom built types 110V and 220V available.

Two component, commercial Joint Filler Pump System for dispensing of SealBoss QuickFix 6500 and other compatible polyurea, polyurethane & epoxy products. Premium components and a rugged construction make this machine a prime choice.

Digital, preprogrammed control unit for superior product application at even speeds. The applicator mounted speed control knob offers a wide variety of dispensing volumes to suit your product and application needs. Large volume reprogramming possible for roadway repair needs.

For Professional Use
Made In U.S.A.

Advanced Design Features

- Two Component System
- 1:1 and 2:1 Ratios Avalable
- Pumps Many Epoxies, Polyurethanes & Polyureas
- Very Affordable And Reliable
- Rugged Construction And Easy To Use
- Adjustable Volume Dispenser
- Extra Lightweight Aluminum Dispenser
- Moving Parts Fully Enclosed For Safety
- Stainless Steel Tanks
- Gear Driven For Easy Ratio Changes
- Compact And Lightweight Unit
- Unit Mounted On 'EZ-Ride' Casters
- Complete Set With Hoses And Applicator
- Easy To Clean
- Heater Bands Option
- Battery / Inverter Use Option


Weight: Basic Pump 205 lbs. dry. Extra equipment not included.
Height: 44” (5 gal tanks) , 47" (6 gal tanks)
Width: 25”
Length: 29.5”
Motor: 1/2 [hp], ~200 [lb-in] , AC, Gear
Torque: approx. 200 Lbs.
Pumps: Internal rotary gear pumps
Tanks: 5 gal/ 6 gal, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel
Power: 110 V 5 A, 220 V version available
Hoses: 1/2” x 14.5’ braided, protective sleeve
Wheels: 6” , swivel wheels with brakes
Control: Extended lightweight handle, dual port manifold,              digital speed control.  Low voltage control line to              applicator, programmable
Viscosity: approx. 50 – 4000 cps, depending on material
Flow Rate: approx. 0.1 to >1 gallon per minute
Ratios: 1:1 by volume ratio standard, other ratios available


- Tank Options
- Applicator Valve and Zerk (Nipple) Options
- Heater Bands
- Inverter & Charger Kit For Battery Operation


Made Of Highest Quality Components
Stainless Steel Tanks
Steel Braided Hoses
Heavy Duty Pump Units
Electronic Variable Speed Drive
Comfort Easy Roll Casters With Two Locks


Optional Cordless Free Operation


Heater Band Option, Large Tank Option


Applicator And Control Unit
On-Off Switch, Motor RPM Control, Manifold
Grease Nipple & Purge Valves Optional



"Wanted to get back to you on the machine. 
Works like a charm.
Thanks Again, Jay Kangas "

"She is absolutely beautiful! Very well done machine.
I have pumped several thousand feet through already. Stephen Schmid"

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