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Infrastructure, Concrete Repair, Protection and Waterproofing Technologies

SealBoss ® International Specialty Construction Product Systems, GeoTechLine, and SealBoss ® Equipment for infrastructure and geotechnical applications. Concrete repair, crack injection, water stop technology, slab lifting, floor joint and spall repairs, surface sealing, bonding, soil stabilization and consolidation. Commercial, residential and natural structures, e.g. tunnels, bridges, dams, mining, high rises, parking structures, water treatment facilities, warehouses, basements, pools, etc. SealBoss - over 50 countries, international distribution networks including UK, Estonia, Australia, NZ, India, Korea, Singapore, Mexico

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

 Water Stop     Crack Injection Systems, Hydro Active Foam Grouts
    Gels, Polyurethane, Acrylate, Sealers
sealboss PU


 Structural     Epoxy Injection Technology, Epoxy Resins, Epoxy Paste


 Road / Floor     Joint Fillers, Spall Repair, Coatings
    Warehouse, Roadway, Parking Structures
    Polyurethane, Polyurea, Epoxy



 Slab Lifting     Raising & Lifting Concrete, Poly Jacking, SlabLift Foam


 Geo Technical
 Product Line
    Soil Compaction Grouting, Consolidation Grouting
    Permeation Grouting, Void-Fill Grouting    
    Construction Joint / Tunnel Segment Seal System
    Multi Component Pressure Pumps
    Injection Lance System

    Complete Product Line and Equipment

 SealBoss Cartridge System DIY WATER STOP KIT

 SealBoss Cartridge System DIY WATER STOP KIT

 Inject Tube
    Epoxy Pumps, Injection Pumps
    Extensive Packer Selection
    Industry Leading Accessories

    JointMaster Pro2 G3i    
    Industry Leading Joint Filler Pump

SealBoss JointMaster Pro2 QuickFix JointFiller Pump Sealboss Epoxy Pump PA3000 SealBoss Packers

JointMaster Pro 2

JointMaster Pro2

JointMaster Pro 2

    Water Stop Crack Injection, Foundation Leaks
    Structural Repairs, Epoxy Injection
    Floor Joint Filler, Floor Crack Repairs, Spall Fix

JointMaster Pro 2

 Small Job
 Repair Kits

    Repair Kits for Water Stop, Crack Repair, Foundations
    Basements, Pools, Floors
    Order Anytime Online
JointMaster Pro 2

    Comprehensive SealBoss ® Product Line Cartridge System JointMaster Pro 2

 International     International Agencies . All Continents
    Responsive . Flexible . Experienced
Click For More Information On SealBoss International Distribution Click For More Information On SealBoss International Distribution Click For More Information On SealBoss International Distribution

 Production     SealBoss ® Flexible Production & Packaging
     MTS: standard, stocked products
     MTO: large batch, products made to order
     ATO: custom feature selected, assembled to order
     CTO: custom request, created to order
     ETO: special project requirements, engineered to order
 SealBoss Cartridge System DIY WATER STOP KIT

 Contractor Support
Commercial Applications
 Distributor Network
Commercial Applications
 Engineer Education
Commercial Applications
epoxy pump polyurea pump injection crack repair

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